Strategy Team Makes Global “Top 100” in Course Simulation

The Aperture Tech student team was named to the “Top 100” of the GLO-BUS strategy simulation in their final decision round for the fall semester by the publisher of the simulation. The team came in at 34th out of 1250+ teams world-wide enrolled in the simulation for the week of December 3rd. This wasn’t the first time for the team as it was recognized earlier in the term coming in at 72nd.


James (Jay) Jackson, Diana Lopez, and Matthew Smith comprised the Aperture Tech management team as part of Dr. Kermit Kuehn’s Strategic Management (MGMT4813) course, which is the senior capstone course required of all business majors in the College of Business.


As part of the course requirement, students were assigned to teams who then had to develop their global strategy in terms of product emphasis and global markets to operate in, investments to make and operating choices.


The simulation was a major grading component in the course and required students to apply business thinking to arrive at their decisions as co-managers of the business. There were seven teams in the course (industry) competing against each other.


The simulation algorithms evaluated each team’s decisions at the end of each decision period to arrive at relative scores and rankings. There was a total of seven decision periods. Teams were provided with feedback on how well their company performed on several metrics relative to competing teams in the industry, as well as detailed information on competitor performance for the period.


The publisher of the GLO-BUS simulation reports the “top 100” each week based on all the teams participating in the simulation globally.


This was the first time the simulation has been used in the course and reviews by at least these students were quite positive about the experience.


Jay Jackson"The GloBus Simulation was a great way to put what we have learned throughout our college career into practice. I have a competitive nature, so I looked forward to sitting down with my team each week to formulate a plan to edge out our competitors in the simulation. I think that any student of business who strives to be in upper-level management should take part in this simulation" - Jay Jackson


Matthew Smith

 “I think it’s a really great simulation to have students competitively run a business against other groups. It shows students what you can do to successfully run a business and it can show you how to tank a business. I really enjoyed being a part of the project.” – Matthew Smith


Diana Lopez

“[T]he Globus simulation game was a great learning tool that allowed my team and I to show our combined knowledge and experience that we have gained while in the College of Business at UAFS. Using Globus was a great way to wrap up my student career at UAFS!” - Diana Lopez


Dr. Kuehn stated that the GLO-BUS simulation had been around for many years, has been well tested by thousands of students and has become more sophisticated over the years. “I was looking for a different way to get strategy students to use what they learn in a more dynamic and realistic setting. A simulation is one way to get them engaged in applying the concepts they’ve been learning about to a competitive context.”, he noted.


Kuehn said he was rolling out the simulation to both his online and hybrid sections of the course in the spring 2019 semester.


Date Posted: 
Saturday, December 15, 2018