SLC Holds Second Annual Etiquette Dinner

formal dinner place setting

The First National Bank Corp Student Leadership Council (SLC) hosted its Second Annual Etiquette Dinner Jan. 31 in the Latture Conference Center. The event, which was sponsored by BancorpSouth, FFO, Landmark PLC, Certified Accountants, and Williams/Crawford and Associates, was attended by 30 College of Business students who learned the appropriate table manners, speaking points, and ways to dress when having an interview or an important meeting over dinner.


First National Bank’s Vice President of Employee Benefits & IRAs Barbara Bethell provided guidance to the students during the dinner. Her presentation was very interactive as she asked questions of the students throughout the dinner to determine the level of knowledge already possessed and answered questions that the students posed. Students were also provided a handout displaying the correct placement and use of silverware and an example of a question that could be asked during the interview process.


Gage Norris, president of the SLC, said, “Ms. Bethell was very direct and to the point in her advice. I was not aware that there are so many different types of utensils, plates, and glasses.” 


The Student Leadership Council team was pleased with the participation in the dinner. The committee seeks to provide College of Business students the opportunity to interact with prominent business leaders from the community and gain valuable exposure to situations not typically covered in their college course work.


The First Bank Corp. Scholars of Distinction Student Leadership Council serves as a liaison between the students, administration, and faculty of the College of Business by coordinating student activities and demonstrating student leadership within the college. It is the voice of the student body and is responsible for creating and implementing programs of value to all business students.



Date Posted: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019