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Earning a university diploma is a formidable challenge, but, it is only part of the process of preparing for a career.   To be ultimately successful, a college graduate has to land his or her first job!

Through a collaborative effort between the University and local business leaders an innovative new program has been introduced at UAFS to help students bridge the gap between earning their degree and landing their first position. 


The Babb Center for Student Professional Development will help guide students through the process of gaining an understanding of the job market and employer’s expectations, assessing their own skills and level of preparedness to meet employer expectations, and finally, developing a plan to address any deficiencies before they begin the interviewing process.

A series of focus group meetings was held with area business leaders to help develop the programs and workshops that are offered to students.  Business Recruiters, Human Resource Directors and Vice-Presidents and CEOs were asked for input on what they wanted to see in the way of skills and preparation for a candidate.

The input received was used to develop a list of required and elective workshops and activities that a student can complete in as few as four semesters at UAFS.  Successful completion of a short list of required activities can earn the student the Distinction in Professional Development Certificate which will appear on their transcript. 


The mission of the Doug and Kathy Babb Center for Student Professional Development is to empower UAFS students to develop the professional skills and personal attributes valued by prospective employers through career preparation programs, experiential learning and collaborations with UAFS partners. 

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