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Student Leadership Council Charter


The First Bank Corp. Scholars of Distinction Student Leadership Council serves as a liaison between the students, the administration, and the faculty of the College of Business (COB) by coordinating student activities and demonstrating student leadership within the COB.  It is the voice of the student body and has the responsibility of creating and implementing programs of value to all business students.

The objectives of the First Bank Corp. Scholars of Distinction Student Leadership Council are twofold:

1. To serve in an advisory capacity as student representatives to the Dean and faculty of the College of Business

2. To take a leadership role in activities that recognize business student achievement and promotes the College of Business


The Student Leadership Council will:

  • Represent the interests of the COB student body to faculty and administrationStudent Leadership council
  • Develop student activities to benefit the entire COB community
  • Promote COB pride and participation in student activities
  • Serve as student representatives to outside organizations
  • Attend, support, and assist with all student-related COB functions and activities
  • Attend faculty meetings and/or other committee meetings as needed
  • Serve as a sounding board for the Dean, assist in presenting ideas and suggestions, and aid in developing curricular and policy change
  • Help to evaluate the need and productivity of student activities
  • Work closely with the COB Student Services Coordinator


Term of membership: Membership commitment begins the first day of the fall semester and ends the last day of May of that same academic year.  Summer participation is voluntary.

Qualification for membership: All recipients of First Bank Corp. scholarships will serve on the council and provide student leadership.  The Student Leadership Council will determine additional membership.  All members must be in ‘good academic standing’ as defined by UAFS, and enrolled in at least nine credit hours per semester and be a declared business major for at least one complete semester.  All members must maintain a GPA of 2.5 at the end of each semester.

Membership tenure: Membership is valid as long as a student meets the qualifications for membership.

Membership status:  Members will be eligible for the Council as long as they remain in ‘good academic standing’ as defined by UAFS, they graduate, or they leave the College.   Members lacking in performance may be removed by a vote of the Council Officers.  Members who have three or more unexcused absences to Council functions in an academic year will be dismissed from the Council.

Selection Process: All classifications of students within the College of Business are eligible for membership to the Council.  The Council will strive to achieve representation of all departments and organizations within the College of Business, as well as with transfer students.  The elected officers of the council will vote on membership selection. 

Meeting Times: Meetings are held bi-weekly.  Currently, meetings are held on Mondays at 3pm in the Bond Conference Room, BI 211.  Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed.

President: The President shall set the agenda and preside over meetings.  The President is responsible for calling additional meetings as necessary.  The President is responsible for collaborating with the Student Services Coordinator to coordinate and plan productive and efficient meetings.

Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President in his or her duties.  The Vice President assumes the responsibilities of the President temporarily if the President is unavailable and shall succeed the President if the President is unable to fulfill the President’s duties.

Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for recording the minutes and distributing the minutes to members.  This person will be responsible for updating members who have missed a meeting.  The Secretary/Treasurer is also responsible for finances.  The Secretary will account for member attendance.

Communication Liaison: The Student Organization Liaison is responsible for communicating with all College of Business student organizations and clubs.  He/she is also responsible for communicating with alumni, faculty, and staff.

Recruitment Chairperson: The Recruitment Chairperson is responsible for directing and maintaining membership in the Student Leadership Council.  The Recruitment Chairperson shall plan and oversee the application and interview process.

Marketing Chairperson: The Marketing Chairperson is responsible for creating posters and flyers for events.  The Marketing Chairperson is also responsible for updating bulletin boards, web page, and other communication media.

Officers will be re-elected on a yearly basis.

Grievance Process: A concern with any member should first be taken to the council president.  If no solution can be established, then the concern is referred to the council, the next step is the Student Services Coordinator, and the final step is the Dean of the College of Business.  Decisions made by the College of Business Dean are final.

Events and Contributions

It is important that the members of the College of Business Student Leadership Council provide opportunities for students, UAFS faculty, and the business community to voice concerns and/or ideas.  Members will participate in chosen events to facilitate ongoing communication.

For example, the council might wish to coordinate a "College of Business Week" during the spring semester to promote the college as a whole.  Other events and activities will also be considered.

Throughout the year, other activities and duties will be considered to help achieve these goals and to help promote the College of Business as needed.  These can include Dean’s Leadership Council activities, student affairs events, and new student enrollment activities. For more information contact


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