DLC Charter



The College of Business (COB) at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith is launching the College of Business Dean’s Leadership Council (DLC) in early 2009 to establish, enhance, and reinforce relationships between the COB and the Fort Smith business community. The DLC exists to help the College of Business achieve its mission and gain regional prominence by providing advice to the Dean and faculty as they strive toward the continuous improvement of quality education. The DLC assists the COB in the achievement of its goals through council members’ actions and expertise and via the members’ linkages with businesses, the Fort Smith community, and the state of Arkansas and surrounding area. The DLC advises, promotes, and supports the College of Business by fulfilling the following responsibilities:

  1. Providing input, guidance, and advice for current and proposed COB programs, curricula, and activities.
  2. Establishing, maintaining, and nurturing important linkages between the COB and the business community.
  3. Functioning as enthusiastic advocates and ambassadors of the College of Business, its faculty, and especially its students.
  4. Suggesting and identifying opportunities for students to enrich their education through internships and related service learning experiences, and to aid COB students in their pursuit of their academic, professional, and career goals.
  5. Assisting with the development, revision, and implementation of the College of Business strategic plan and objectives.
  6. Identifying management development educational needs within the business community and suggesting opportunities for faculty development activities.
  7. Enhancing the reputation of the College of Business, promoting the COB wherever possible, and assisting with obtaining the new sources of funding needed to enhance opportunities for students and faculty.
  8. Attending meetings, serving on committees, and assisting with special assignments as needed.


Membership on the College of Business Dean’s Leadership Council provides: 1) member recognition as an important part of the College of Business strategic team; 2) opportunities to interact and network with business peers, associates, and industry representatives; 3) a sense of achievement and accomplishment by assisting students in the fulfillment of their educational, professional, and personal objectives, as well as continuing contact with COB students, faculty, and alumni; and 4) the opportunity to help the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.

DLC membership will consist of business/community leaders and College of Business alumni – proportional composition will be primarily determined by ability and willingness to add value. Member representation will consist of executives from large corporations, entrepreneurial small businesses (especially family-owned enterprises), and not-for-profit organizations. All DLC members are expected to possess applicable expertise, display enthusiastic willingness to contribute advice and counsel, and the ability to attend meetings (i.e., no proxy representation is permitted) and remain proactively involved with College of Business concerns and issues. Candidates for the DLC are not required to possess specific knowledge or job titles; rather, the DLC seeks individuals who bring unique experience, independent judgment, an external perspective, and a desire to enhance the reputation of the COB and UAFS. Members are expected to serve on committees and undertake special assignments, be available for individual consultation on strategic and funding concerns, and assist in securing financial resources as needed. Additionally, DLC members will be requested to consider an annual contribution to the Dean’s Discretionary Account (member response will not affect DLC status). All contributions to the Dean’s Discretionary Account and UAFS are tax deductible. Member qualifications include:

  1. A strong belief in and commitment to higher education and enthusiastic support for the College of Business and the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.
  2. High standing within the community and a wide network of contacts.
  3. Time, energy, and the willingness to be part of the COB strategic team.
  4. Organizational skills and the ability to interact persuasively with others.


The DLC will consist of at least twenty (20) participants selected by the Dean in consultation with existing members. Appointment will be staggered three-year renewable terms; one- and two-year memberships may be utilized to ensure DLC continuity on an as-needed basis. All members will be asked to complete an annual DLC review as part of their responsibilities.

The Dean will appoint a Chair of the DLC who will serve a term mutually agreeable with the Dean. The Chair will have a range of responsibilities including:

  1. Assist the Dean in recruiting new members to the DLC.
  2. Assist the Dean in producing meeting materials and agendas.
  3. Convene and conduct all DLC meetings.
  4. Meet regularly with the Dean regarding DLC member concerns and ideas.
  5. Provide input regarding strategic and tactical issues confronting the Dean and the COB.
  6. Organize, focus, and coordinate the activities of the DLC to fulfill the Council’s stated purposes, engage and involve all members, and meet the needs of the COB.
  7. Other assistance as appropriate.


The DLC will meet at least twice per academic year – once during the Fall semester and once during the Spring semester. A Summer semester meeting may be convened if required and ad hoc meetings may be scheduled on an as-needed basis. Additionally, an informal “social” event will be held during the summer. Attendance at meetings is for DLC members only. Members may not send proxies to represent them during absences – no exceptions. The Chair will contact any member of the DLC missing two consecutive meetings to discuss the member's future involvement in the DLC. Based on this discussion, the Chair, in consultation with the Dean, will determine the member’s future membership status.


It is important to note that the College of Business Dean’s Leadership Council is not an official component of the governance structure of the College of Business at UAFS. It is not a Board of Directors responsible for overseeing the performance of the COB and its management team. For example, the DLC does not vote on management decisions, personnel issues, budgets, etc., and the members of the DLC do not owe any fiduciary duty to any other party. Rather, the DLC exists to provide informal feedback to the COB and to promote the visibility and reputation of the COB at UAFS. All decisions regarding College of Business initiatives are the sole responsibility of the Dean and other COB leaders.

Revised Jan-09