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Business Administration in International Business

Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business

International Business is designed for those students who wish to prepare themselves to engage in businesses that cross national boundaries and to function in the global business environment. Students may ultimately choose to specialize in a particular region- Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, Central or South America, etc. The students will be equipped with the key managerial and professional expertise enabling them to successfully navigate the sphere of national/international business, government and not-for-profit organizations. International business provides a wide spectrum of opportunities. It can involve:

  • Staying in the US and working for a US company that does business abroad
  • Working for a US based company that sends you abroad for business travel
  • Working for a company that send you abroad to work as a expatriate and live abroad 

What do International Managers do?

Business Administration in International Business
International managers are involved in the process of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling in a multicultural or cross cultural environment. Their goal is to make effective and efficient use of the human and capital resources they have at their disposal.



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Skills and Characteristics

  • Effective oral, interpersonal, and written communication
  • Team building
  • Ethical decision making
  • Planning, organizing, leading, controlling
  • Team oriented
  • Problem solving
  • Knowledge of global environments
  • Critical thinking

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Career Opportunities

  • Marketing/sales
  • Management
  • Purchasing
  • Government/Military
  • Banking
  • Accounting/ finance
  • Tourism/ hospitality
  • Service organization
  • Import/export
  • Public relations

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Salary and Outlook

Business Administration in International Business


Careers in International Business can be quite rewarding financially. The median annual salary for an international baking manager is $124,605; for an international marketing manager it is $106,124. (Source:



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What are Possible International Career Positions?

Career Resources

Students may visit our Career Services website at for additional career exploration resources.

The COB requires each major to take a common lower and upper level set of core classes as well as individual major requirements tailored to each specific major. The following classes total 72 hours of business and accounting related coursework:

Lower Level Business Core

ACCT 2803 Principles of Financial Accounting

ACCT 2813 Principles of Managerial Accounting

ECON 2803 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 2813 Principles of Microeconomics

LAW 2003 Legal Environment of Business

MGMT 1203 Foundations of Business

MGMT 2203 Introduction to International Business

MGMT 2863 Business Communication

STAT 2503 Probability and Statistics I


Upper Level Business Core

FIN 3713 Business Finance

MGMT 3133 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Business

MGMT 3153 Organizational Behavior

MGMT 3523 Operations Management

MGMT 3913 Decision Support Systems

MGMT 4813 Strategic Management

MKTG 3013 Principles of Marketing Management


Major Requirements

MGMT 3203 Cross Cultural Relations

MGMT 4203 International Management

MKTG 4203 International Marketing

ECON 4203 International Economics

FIN 4203 International Finance

FORL 2503 Language and society

FORL 3503 Languages of the World

COMM 4203 Cultural and Communication

Business discipline upper division elective

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How do I Get More Details about International Business?

Send an email to: Dr. Balbir Bhasin,
Ross Pendergraft Endowed Professor of International Business
at: ( or
Visit him in his office (BII 208) or
Call him at: 479-788-7814


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Degree Plan
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