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On December, 7, 2011, students in the fall 2011 Investment class made presentation about their recommendation to Hembree Student Investment Fund.

There were 15 student groups making presentation. In the presentation, students re-examined the investment objective of student fund, made recommendation regarding broad asset allocation decision and specific stock recommendation decision. Finally students gave some suggestions to trading strategy.

Investment class was very fortunate to have Allyn L. Donaubauer, Sr. Vice President-Investments, and H. Lawson Hembree, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch coming to school serving as judges of presentation.

Most of students were doing a fantastic job in presentation. They researched many resources. In presentation, they provided both technical and fundamental analysis to back up their arguments. Both Mr. Hembree and Donaubauer praised students doing a good job. Meanwhile, Mr. Hembree also gave students some suggestions for students to improve the presentation skills. He further made some recommendations in the principle of Investment Portfolio Management.

Due to the excellent performance, Stuart Reid and Camille Edmoundson received the Investment Strategy Proposal Winner award presented by Merrill Lynch. All the students had a fun and wonderful learning experience from this activity. They certainly look forward to more opportunities like this.