Faculty Research Activity Update

College of Business (COB) faculty have been active in presenting and publishing their research thus far in 2019. Maintaining an active research agenda is not only an important aspect of a faculty member’s job, but is essential to COB’s AACSB accreditation.


To follow is a summary of the research work published, accepted for publication, or presented thus far for 2019, as submitted by faculty.



Balbir Bhasin and Lee K. Ng


Title: Socio Cultural Impediments to Entrepreneurship: Implications for The Laos People's Democratic Republic

Journal/Reference: "Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics," 7(1), 64-91 (2019)


Description: This research article attempts to explain how culture affects economic development in general and entrepreneurship specifically. Using Laos as a case study, we explore the effect their Buddhist culture has had on risk taking and wealth generation. We suggest ways that the country can stimulate economic development through entrepreneurial risk taking.



Larry Faulk, Daniel M. Settlage, and Jim R. Wollscheid


Title: Influencing Positive Student Behavior Using the Endowment Effect

Journal/Reference: "e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching," 13(1) pp. 20-29 (2019)


Description: The study capitalized on a phenomena known as the endowment effect to increase student engagement in the course and their performance.


Quote: “By making a simple no-cost change to the structure of a class, educators can tap into the power of the endowment effect to significantly enhance student engagement.”




Daniel M. Settlage


Title: Breaking Through Student Bias with Creative Assignments

Journal: "Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning"


Description: The study explored increasing student engagement in the classroom through the use of creative team debate assignments.


Quote: “The level of student engagement that arises as a result of this technique is incredible. Students show up to class professionally dressed, meticulously prepared, excited and motivated. In the age of the five second politicized sound bite, it is quite an accomplishment to engage students in such deep level of thought.”



Shanhong (Sharon) Wu, Kermit Kuehn, and Jing Jiang (Sacred Heart University)


Title: A Value Perspective: The Case of Warren Buffet and His Investment Behavior Towards Apple, Walmart and Amazon

Journal: "Global Journal of Accounting and Finance"


Description: The paper examines the investment behavior of Warren Buffett, the ultimate modern-day value investor, against the principles of the value investor taken from Graham’s 1949 classic "The Intelligent Investor." The study analyzed Apple, Walmart, and Amazon as value candidates and compared these with Buffett’s actual investment behavior through 2018. The results revealed that Buffett appears to have remained true to value principles in the cases examined in this study.




Larry Faulk and Jim Wollscheid


Title: Do Online Students Perform as Well as Face-to-Face Students?  A Comparative Analysis of Business Students in Management Classes

Conference: Society of Business, Industry, and Economics (SOBIE)

Location/Dates: Destin, Florida; April 10, 2019.


Description: Examine the performance of students in six online sections with the performance of students in 11 traditional face-to-face sections to determine if there were any differences in test scores and rates at which students earned a non-passing outcome (D, F, or Withdrawal).


In contrast to the general findings in the literature that there is no significant difference between the methods of delivery, this study found significant differences in exam scores and DFW rate.



Daniel M. Settlage, Jim R. Wollscheid, and Bailie Murphy (Student)


Title: Measuring the Determinants of Undergraduate Student Persistence

Conference: Society of Business, Industry, and Economics (SOBIE)

Location/Date: Destin, Florida; April 11, 2019


Description: Study sought to enhance student retention efforts by exploring the relationships between student characteristics and their persistence.


Quote: “We identify key characteristics that lead to student persistence and ultimately graduation by analyzing the retention of students for all academic classifications. Our approach can be easily generalized and applied in any academic setting to identify idiosyncratic student characteristics that impact the persistence of students at their institution.”



Jaejoo Lim, Daniel M. Settlage, and Jim R. Wollscheid


Title: Hype or Hope, Measuring the Effect of Introductory Business Courses on Retention and Recruitment

Conference: Society of Business, Industry, and Economics (SOBIE)

Location/Date: Destin, Florida; April 11, 2019


Description: Study examined the effect that an introductory business class (foundations of business) has on student propensity to switch majors.


Quote: “In this paper we develop a flexible methodology that can be used to examine a variety of recruitment and retention tools. We found an interaction between student demographics, introductory business courses, and the propensity to switch majors.”



Jerry Peerbolte


Conference: EASA International Convention

Location/Date: Las Vegas; June 29-July 2, 2019


Description: Jerry presented selected findings from his research on July 1, 2019. The convention attendance approached 3,000 individuals and easily a third attended the general sessions I presented that morning.


The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) is an international trade organization consisting of approximately 1,800 electromechanical sales and service firms in nearly 80 countries. Jerry regularly conducts research for the members of the organization as part of an ongoing series examining the major trends and business drivers for the electromechanical industry. 


The most recent research covered a variety of maintenance practices and decision criteria, with particular focus on predictive maintenance technologies and the evolving views of customer relationship business models going forward. 


Here is a link to a recent article from "Control Engineering" highlighting the convention session.  


Date Posted: 
Wednesday, September 18, 2019