COB Faculty Research Published

College of Business faculty have been busy with research over the summer with three publications published or accepted for publication.Dr. Dan Settlage


Breaking Through Student Bias with Creative Assignments


Author: Dr. Dan Settlage. 

Published in: Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.


Description: The study explored increasing student engagement in the classroom through the use of creative team debate assignments.


Dan observed, “The level of student engagement that arises as a result of this technique is incredible. Students show up to class professionally dressed, meticulously prepared, excited and motivated. In the age of the five second politicized sound bite, it is quite an accomplishment to engage students in such deep level of thought.”




An Analysis of the Effect of Student Prepared Notecards on Exam Performance


Authors: Drs. Dan Settlage & Jim WollscheidDr. Jim Wollscheid

Published in: College Teaching Journal


Description: Allowing the use of student prepared notecards has been suggested as a way to increase student performance, with the literature showing mixed results. By allowing students to utilize a notecard on some, but not all, tests in Principles of Macroeconomics, we examine the effect notecards have on student performance. Our analysis utilizes a novel method of controlling for student aptitude and instructor biases in each sample. The results show improvements in performance both as a whole and by level of question based on Bloom’s taxonomy and question difficulty levels. In addition, we find notecard usage by students leads them to become more optimistic and realistic about their test performance, as well as leading students to study more efficiently.




A Multiple Case Study of Transparency Characteristics of Gift Card Breakage and Deferred Liabilities


Author: Dr. Julie Wright

Published in: Federation of Business Disciplines Journal


Dr. Julie Wright

Description: The purpose of the study was to identify the attributes that qualify as financial transparency when companies are reporting and disclosing the results of selling gift cards. Because of the lack of specific accounting standards to guide and direct financial statement preparers, the number of reporting and disclosure options possible can overload decision makers (financial statement preparers) and lead to poor decisions and hence a lack of financial reporting transparency. The results of this study provided understanding of disclosures used and the level of transparency observed in the companies examined.


Date Posted: 
Wednesday, August 29, 2018