Why Choose the College of Business?


A fair question, and one we’re happy to answer.


You see, our students choose the UAFS College of Business because they want practical knowledge and skills that will land them a good job – plain and simple. We do everything we can to make that goal a reality.


However, there’s no magic in how that happens. It is not easy, and no one is going to hand you that cushy job with a fat paycheck. You will have to earn it, prepare for it.


Our faculty know what it takes and will introduce you to the keys that can get you that first great job. But it is a partnership, frankly, and it will require you to be just as excited, committed, and disciplined as we are to get you to that end result.


We see ourselves as “… the bridge between students and leaders of our region to produce the next generation of business professionals and community leaders.” It’s in our vision statement.


Our motto states that “transformation is our business…” As a bridge cannot make people cross over to the other side, neither can we change you from the aspiring student you are today to the skillful business professional you will need to be tomorrow.


Transformation is a partnership. We invite you to join with us in making your hopes a reality.


Before you go, we want to give you just three concrete reasons why you should choose the College of Business as your college of business.



1) AACSB Accreditation.

Look, we know that doesn’t mean much to you right now, but it speaks volumes to what you want to accomplish for yourself in your education. You cannot reach your goal without surrounding yourself with relevant and high-quality programs, faculty, and growth opportunities.


Less than 5 percent of the business schools in the world hold an AACSB credential. It is offered only to the best. It is a measure of quality and relevance. This means that the programs offered, the courses taught, and the faculty teaching them have all met the high standard set for this credential. In the end, this will mean a lot to you.


Simply put, there is no business school anywhere with a better ‘seal of approval’

than what we hold. None. Anywhere.


2) Great Opportunities.

Coursework and degrees are one thing, but your transformation into a professional needs practice. We want you to practice and stretch and grow. Whether that is through internships, leadership in student organizations, career development workshops from the Babb Center or presenting your research in a public setting, they’re all there for you.


There is simply no reason why you can’t get the experience you need

to be that professional you want to be.


3) Great Value.

It would be hard to find a more attractively priced program than the College of Business here at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. You get access to quality programs, courses, and faculty and all the opportunities you can imagine to practice what you’re learning and improve your skills – all this at some of the lowest costs in the region.


Wow! That is the definition of a great value!


Transformation is our business


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