When Should I Think About a Job?

It is easy to think that you have a lot of time to prepare for the job search, but you may not be thinking as clearly about this as you should be. After all, there is plenty to keep you busy just managing your coursework.


Preparing for a career involves not only completing a course of study, but also the development of a plan to successfully transition from life as a student to a market-ready graduate.


There are a number of things you should consider early on that will go a long way toward preparing you for this transition. Career Services has a number of great resources to help you get started. Check out the Career Services website.


One document that outlines things you could be doing each year you are in the College of Business is entitled Steps to a Successful Career Plan. It is a handy checklist to print and post on your fridge.


Waiting to the last moment to look for a job is not a career plan. Invest in your future by starting early.

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